The Team

Clay Burdelik


Growing up in (Born and raised) outside of Chicago, Clay and his family often took advantage of the bustling food scene. His affinity for the industry flourished while attending University of Wisconsin- Madison, where he studied entrepreneurship and worked in numerous industry positions. A recent graduate with a degree in business and administration, Clay is equipped with the drive and knowledge of starting a business. The combination of formal education, firsthand experience, and youth puts Clay in a unique position to solve age-old industry problems in a contemporary manner.

Drink of Choice: Whiskey Old-Fashioned Sour, made by Brian at the Greenbush Bar.


Brandon Humboldt


Between playing video games and building computers, Brandon has always had a knack for technologies. This passion led (prompted) him to study computer science at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and work in the university’s Department of Information Technology. Prior to developing for Brio, Brandon worked part-time for another local start-up Kiio and interned for Sony Corporation specializing in back-end development. His experience has allowed him to leverage skills to build Brio’s robust back-end system utilized today.

Drink of Choice: Miller Lite, a fine pilsner beer.


Chris Betagole


Chris graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in computer science and computer engineering. He has previously worked at Maverick Consulting in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as Denver-based SpinFusion, where he honed in front-end application development. Chris now specializes in UI development, creating the seamless user experience for Brio.

Drink of Choice: Natural Light while watching the Badgers cover.