Everyone knows the frustration that comes from waiting for the bill. The server’s busy, splits the bill the wrong way, runs the wrong card on the wrong check…the list goes on. The bar’s packed, you’re having a good time, and leave your card. Brio allows you to split & pay the bill at your convenience and leave on your terms.


Our PCI level 1 security measures are far more secure than handing your card to a server or bartender. It’s not the 99.99% of honest, trustworthy servers we’re worried about - it’s the rogue who steals your card information. With Brio, there is never any card-level data present and thus no chance of card skimming. What’s more, nobody will find the card you dropped on the ground.



Brio users are people want as patrons: they’re (relatively) well-behaved, generous, and loyal. As a result, our partner venues typically have exclusive deals only found on the Brio application. Simply open a tab or choose a table & view the deals special for you.


The more you use Brio, the more we understand what you like to eat & drink. Soon, we’ll be sending deals specific to your palate in order to help you have the best experience possible.