Customers open and close tab directly from their personal device. 

Eliminate Wait Times

Customers open and close their own tabs directly from their mobile devices, so they spend less time huddled around the bar waiting for cards to be swiped and more time enjoying the drinks they came for.

How many drinks are not sold because bartenders waste time running payments?

How much longer does it take to get a drink because people are huddled around the bar, waiting to close tabs?

How many more people from that line outside could be served, if those inside could leave when they wanted?

Sell More Drinks

Brio eliminates the time consuming card payment process for bartenders, allowing them more time to interact with your customers to sell and make more drinks.


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Customer bill splitting and payment from personal devices in full service restaurants. 

Turn Tables Faster

Brio allows customers leave when they’re ready, freeing up tables quicker during your peak hours. Your employees spend more time on the floor and less time on the payment transaction.

Increase Cover Prices

Our application displays a slideshow highlighting specials and announcements to keep your customers informed, even if your server forgets. What’s more, saving the server a few minutes of busy work per table results in more time to refill drinks and sell items like desserts or after-dinner drinks.

Increase Staff and Customer Satisfaction

By using individual data, we help suggest the right items for each guest. It's impossible for them to glance over that perfect app or dessert.  On the flip side, servers can focus on service and are relieved of the burdensome payment process.  More tables and tips for less work.  That's a recipe for a happy staff.

Gain Customer Insights

We provide your restaurant with unprecedented analytics to help improve your business across the board. Real time customer feedback will help you improve your menu and service. 

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