What changes in workflow will affect my bartenders?

No changes in workflow except bartenders do not have to open tabs and close them our using the ancient card swiping process. Bartenders still take orders directly at the counter, directly from the customer and make drinks. 

What if someone walks out?

When a tab is opened on Brio, the account is automatically connected to a virtual payment token in our database. We preauthorize the card to ensure the card is valid. If someone leaves without closing, the tab will be automatically closed with auto-gratuity included. There is no chance of them walking away without paying.


Restaurant FAQ

How much training for my staff is required?

None! Because Brio is not a POS system, but rather an integration, no changes are made to the work flow of your restaurant. 

What is included in pricing?

Our fees include POS implementation, app support, access to our back-end management portal, and ability to send push notifications to Brio users.

Do you offer a multi-location packages?

We are more than happy to offer discounted packages for multi-location operations and restaurant groups. Please email and we will negotiate a plan that fits your needs.

What POS systems are compatible with your system?

We are currently compatible with Aloha, Micros, POSitouch, Squirrel, Maitre’D, Brink, Heartland Dinerware, InfoGenesis, Veloce, Northstar, XPIENT, and AZ BAr, with more on the way!

What if my restaurant does not have a POS system?

Contact us and we help you find a POS reseller with Brio compatible systems

How do I know someone has actually paid?

The tab will be close on the POS. If they have not closed it, you can charge them remotely.