Menu Analytics

Discover true thoughts about your dishes through Brio’s itemized feedback loop. By allowing customer to give a thumbs up or down to each item, as well as comment, we mine the feedback you value. Which items are getting thumbs down? Which servers are getting rave reviews? We collect more reviews in a more specific fashion with the end goal of helping you…not trashing you on an online forum.


Customer Analytics

Learn who’s keeping you in business and how. Understanding your customers’ tastes, spending habits, and other preferences will help you. Alternatively, gain access to our reports on new demographics your restaurant can target to drive profits.


Server Analytics

You probably have an idea of who your stars are on the floor. But for those who aren't quite there yet, it's tough to gauge progress.  Brio will allow you to quantify progress and keep track of every server. What's more, the rating system can help you pair the best servers with your most important customers in order to keep them happy and coming back for more.