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Is it your classic startup story about a few scrappy college students getting together to create something special?  Well, kinda.  Clay came up with the original idea after many frustrating nights as a server and a missed train as the result of the antiquated payment process.  After months of research and analysis, it was time to build the product.  Serendipity struck when Clay saw friend, and old Sellery Hall neighbor, Dan, in the Churchkey, with other members of the DTD fraternity.  

"Hey Dan, are any of these guys CS?"

"You need to talk to Chris over there, he's one of the smartest guys I know."

So Dan goes over and tells Chris that his friend has this app idea and they need to talk.  Chris, having heard plenty of app ideas from people over the years, basically tells Dan that he has no interest whatsoever.  So Dan drags him over and Clay gives him the elevator pitch in the bar, gets his number, and essentially picks him up.

Chris tells roommate Brandon that there might actually be something there and they agree to grab coffee at Colectivo on State Street.  They discussed the idea, the financials, shake hands and get to work. That was May, 2017.  

Since then, the guys have run pilot tests, gone through a few small accelerators, pivoted, raised some funding, and are now bringing V2 to market.


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