Gathering around a table to enjoy great food and great service is nothing new. Neither is waiting for your check. Foodservice is the only industry not keeping up with the efficient, fast, and frictionless standards of today.

That’s why we created Brio. After many frustrating nights serving and bartending, we got tired of all the busy work, frustrated customers, and headaches that come with a rush. Our goal is to help your staff be more attentive and efficient, while keeping patrons happy with the mobile payments they expect.

Brio helps your venue to keep up with the modern times. Don’t get left behind.


Mobile Payment

Nobody likes waiting for the bill. Tips, covers, and customer satisfaction decrease every second a customer spends waiting. By simply accepting Brio, your venue appeals to large groups, business clients, and pre-event parties who will need to split the bill & get out on their terms.




Loyalty & Rewards

Keep customers coming back with custom rewards programs. Whether it’s Brio happy hours, taking Brio Bucks, or rewards and deals specific to your restaurant, we help you turn customers into fans.


Itemized Feedback

Customers have the option to give each item on their virtual receipt a thumbs up or down. We help the customer tell you what they think, automatically compiled into easy-to-understand back-end reports. We take the guess work out and deliver you real, constructive feedback.

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Satiated diners have a one-track mind: pay for the meal and leave as quickly as possible
It’s about great food and great service and a clean environment and those things require time...
— Leo Kramer, New York City restaurant founder, Dos Toros
Technology has elevated the importance of customization in American food culture, giving rise to an empowered consumer…